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Hey Duggee Voice Activated Smart Duggee Soft Toy

Hey Duggee Voice Activated Smart Duggee Soft Toy

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Fans of the award-winning Cbeebies show Hey Duggee know how the cartoon promotes fun, exercise, learning And even more fun! This Interactive Smart Duggee soft toy aims to do the same. With three activity modes, you can choose the way you want to play.

Mode 1: As a voice activation toy, this Duggee excels! Press the loveable dogs paw to turn on voice-activation mode. Say, Hey, Duggee then music, hug, friend or badge Duggee responds differently to each! Exciting new technology helps preschool kids with language development. Great confidence building toy for sparking youngsters imaginations.

Mode 2: Question Mode. Press the purple question badge... Ask Duggee a question: he answers with a variety of woofs! Hilarity ensues for kids and you! Adults and children alike know Duggee doesnt speak But true fans know exactly what he means!

Mode 3 is Press Mode: sound effect fun for everyone! With music, woofs noises and phrases from the hit animation. Includes exclusive phrases from the B.B.C. TV shows narrator, Alexander Armstrong: you wont hear them anywhere else!

The Interactive Smart Duggee soft toy is a made from a high-quality, super-soft fabric making him extra cuddly. You wont believe how smooth and his plush texture feels on your skin! Perfect for those all-important Duggee Hugs. Duggee has cute embroidered detail, and wears a colourful jumper and tie His iconic Squirrel Club leader outfit! Hes ready to go: explore, learn and earn activity badges!

This talking Duggee soft toy makes a thoughtful gift for your own family or that of friends. Suitable for children aged 10 months + but recommended for any Hey Duggee fan! Approx height 26cm. Includes 3 x AAA batteries so you can start to play right away.

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