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Screwball Scramble - Level 2

Screwball Scramble - Level 2

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The sequel to the classic game of Screwball Scramble tests coordination and skill on a topsy-turvy journey through a table-top maze full of new surprises. Control the action with clearly marked buttons, twisting, turning, guiding and triggering the obstacles different ways to guide the screwball through each one. It starts with Zig-zag steps, moving each parallel tread to help the marble clamber up. One wrong move and its into the abyss and back to the start. Next up, the See-saw leads to the Ferris Wheel Maze turn it this way and that to find a way out and on to the Corkscrew. Gently twist the dial to tease the ball along its like walking a tightrope! Other challenges follow Hop/Step, Pinball, Pot Luck (watch you dont get sent back), jiggling on the Tipping Maze and a final Catapult blast to the Finish bell! Play solo or take on family and friends! Fastest through the maze wins! Some light assembly necessary. Why not time yourself by adding your phone to the phone holder. Unit attaches to the Original Screwball Scramble (sold separately) to form one giant maze. Learning toy suitable for independent play or family fun for boys and girls aged 5 and up. No batteries required

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