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Sketchy - The speedy game of sketch and swipe!

Sketchy - The speedy game of sketch and swipe!

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Sketchy is all about drawing quick, simple pictures so your team-mates can guess what they are. When its your teams turn, one player the SKETCHER - grabs the Sketchyscreen and slots in the topic card. The GUESSERS get a huge hint about the topic. The sketcher then has 30 seconds to sketch 6 simple pictures that explain the subjects on the card for the others to guess. As the sketcher draws on the back of the machine, the picture appears on the other side for their team-mates to see and solve! After each sketch you can swipe clean the drawing surface and get on with the next sketch. A great kids and adult board game to play with all the family, Sketchy is quick, simple and very easy to learn - the perfect family game for battery free fun. Suitable for girls and boys aged 8 years and up. Includes 1 x Sketchyscreen, 1 x Stylus Pen, 100 x Sketchy Cards, 1 x Sand Timer, 4 x Scoring Pegs, 1 rules

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