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Trapped Escape Room Games - Art Heist

Trapped Escape Room Games - Art Heist

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Art Heist: Steal the Painting. Flee the Room. TRAPPED turns ANY room into a family-friendly escape-room adventure. In Art Heist, the obscenely-rich Harrington family invites you to an exhibition of their priceless art. Upset that his family hoards wealth, though, their youngest son, Charles, asks your party to steal a painting Fearing detection, Charles leaves only a series of clues to help you find the right artwork. But youre not alone! Charles has also convinced one of the staff to help you escape... Can you find the painting, steal it and flee the scene all in 60 minutes Difficulty level: MEDIUM. Players: 2-6 1-2 hours game play. Suitable for children 8+ Box size: h24cm x w18cm x d50cm ESCAPE GAME IN A BOX: Work together to solve the puzzles, steal the painting and flee the room TURN YOUR HOUSE INTO AN ESCAPE ROOM: Solve the puzzles... score points along the way ... win the game! YOU ALL PLAY AT ONCE: No turn taking. Adults, kids, teens and families can all join in at once NOT A CARD GAME: Real codes to crack and tests to pass in an interactive family game. Just like a real Escape Room this game has no board. Choose a room and using the materials provided, turn it into your very own Escape Room PERFECT FOR THE FAMILY: Age 8+ Complete with How to Play booklet, code reader, posters, clues, solutions, props. Great gift for birthdays, game night or Christmas ABOUT TRAPPED ESCAPE ROOM GAMES: The first kits in the world that turn parts of your house into escape rooms. Solve every riddle to win, or exit the game. The game can be re gifted but some elements wont be as originally found when you receive a new game, dont worry the game is still playable

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